Sole Wash Classes

The Sole Wash Academy provides sneaker cleaning and restoration classes. Teaching you how to properly and effectively clean your kicks. At your convenience, the Academy offers in-person and virtual classes the certification program does include a business face. Hosting three (3) level classes: 

How to register?!
1. Click on the class below
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Sole Wash 101 (Beginners Level)
Focused sneaker materials: leather or/and knit only 
The Sole Wash 101 cleaning class includes 30 min of classroom detailing how to clean upper, mid-sole and basic under-soles. This workshop is designed to provide you with helpful cleaning tips that are to keep them fresh.

Sole Wash 201 (Advance Level)
Focused sneaker materials: Suede, mesh, nubuck only 
The Sole Wash 201 cleaning workshop includes 30-45 min hour of classroom on how to clean angry stains in upper, mid-sole and under-soles. This class provide you with helpful cleaning tips to keep them fresh.

Sole Wash 301 (Intermediate Level)
Focused sneaker materials: suede, mesh, leather, nubuck, or/and knit
The Sole Wash 301 is a 1.5 hours class guiding you on how to detail your cleaning to grow into a business or to assist you on how to provide the best finish product and presentation. This class is for those cleaning at an intermediate level only. We will focus on trouble areas only. 

All classes are held one-to-one in person or virtually.

You can schedule Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.